THE FULLY AUTONOMOUS CAR UPDATE: How self-driving cars are poised to move into the mainstream and upend the automotive industry

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Interested if SDC BI Intelligence The self-driving vehicle is no longer a futuristic dream. Customers can already purchase automobiles that, within a couple of years time, will get software updates enabling them to strike the road without the requirement for a driver.

This self-governing transformation will upend the automotive sector and interrupt huge swaths of the economy, while significantly improving energy performance and changing the way individuals approach transport around the world.Automakers and tech business are racing to establish the technology that will power self-driving cars and trucks in the coming years. That tech is advancing, but leaves observers with a larger question: will consumers trust driverless automobile tech, and will they wish to use autonomous cars?In a new report from BI Intelligence, we examine the self-driving vehicle market, forecasting vehicle deliveries and market penetration, profile the players expected to take on a prominent function in the autonomous future, take a look at the barriers to self-governing car development and adoption, evaluation advancements in technology, policy, and consumer belief, prior to finally analyzing the effect the introduction of autonomy will have on numerous industries and transport patterns. Here are some of the essential takeaways from the report: Self-driving automobiles are coming; there will be totally autonomous automobileson the roadways in the US in 2018, and

  • adoption will simply take off from there.The technology is developing swiftly to permit completely self-driving vehicles, while the regulative environment is adapting to the expected changes that this brand-new technology will bring.We performed a study asking our special BI Experts panel about their thoughts on self-driving cars, the future of the vehicle industry, and the impact autonomous lorries
  • will have on their acquiring habits moving forward. The results supply an image of consumer belief at the precipice of the autonomous era.Sizes the current and future self-driving vehicle market, forecasting deliveries and projecting installed base.Explains the existing state of innovation, policy, and consumer perception.Analyzes how the development of autonomous vehicles will impact work and the economy.Interested in getting the complete report? Here are 2 methods to access it: All-Access pass to BI Intelligence and gain instant access to this report and over 100 other expertly researched reports.
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