Trump Is Bad for Water and Puppies

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Trump, who wants to be considered a decider, revealed his stuff this week, dealing with a conflict between 2 of his leading appointees. It was a surprising advancement– who understood there sufficed cabinet members in place for a battle? The battle included Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos in an argument over transgender rights.Sessions, in one of his

initial carry on the task, had actually chosen to reverse a federal standard that public schools need to let transgender trainees utilize the restroom of their choice. DeVos– who understood she had it in her?– objected. Trump agreed Sessions, taking exactly what appeared to be the opposite position from the one he upheld throughout the campaign.The president, it turns out, is more conservative on social problems than the man

who was running in all those primaries against Ted Cruz. Now, with practically absolutely nothing to lose, he’s worsened. Wow.This gets depressing actually quickly. No surprise we’re trying to find diversions. Everything unusual going on in the

world seems to have a Trump connection. For example, there’s that assassination story involving the North Korean totalitarian– the man who has, um, an actually unusual coiffure. His estranged half brother was inexplicably murdered in an unusual assault. Among the ladies arrested claimed she believed the entire thing was a section of a TELEVISION reality show. Simply saying.Congress, on the other hand, has simply been sort of wandering around, aiming to prevent considering healthcare or schedule any town conferences. Rescinding Obama-era policies is just about the only thing getting achieved: Guns: Recently our lawmakers took a very strong stance protecting the right of Americans to purchase weapons despite severe mental impairment. Thanks, Congress!The Home and Senate voted to rescind a background check guideline that screened out individuals who are receiving special Social Security benefits because mental problems made it difficult for them to work or even handle their own loan. The National Rifle Association calls this”Obama’s unconstitutional weapon grab.”

Because, clearly, even if you cannot deal with a Social Security check doesn’t indicate you cannot manage an attack weapon. Clean Water: Another repealed guideline restricted coal companies from disposing their waste into streams. When he signed the expense, Trump claimed the modification would save “numerous thousands of American jobs,” which is naturally entirely nuts, unless contaminating the water is going to remove competitors from natural gas. The federal price quote of lost tasks is around 260 each year. Free the oil and gas companies: Trump also signed an expense rescinding a guideline that publicly traded oil, gas and mining business needed to disclose payments they make to foreign governments.Talk about keeping your project assures. The president swore to get rid of ineffective regulations, and already he’s opened the roadway for dirty Appalachian water and oil companies bribing other governments. With mentally deranged gunmen waiting on his desk.Continue reading the primary story

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