Turn your iPhone into an Android phone with this crazy case

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We’re not exactly sure how to feel about this new Kickstarter job. It’s called Eye, and it’s a clever case unlike one we have actually ever seen.The case is developed for iPhone users who don’t wish to upgrade however still want some fresh tech, such as an AMOLED screen or an infrared blaster. This things isn’t brand-new to those people using Android phones, naturally, however it makes sure to open up an entire brand-new world for iPhone users.So, what you’re basically adding to your iPhone is an Android phone through a case. It has its own octa-core MediaTek Helio P20 chipset, a 5-inch 1080p display, as much as 256GB of storage through microSD, NFC, and a 2,800 mAh battery with cordless charging. It has 2 of its own SIM slots, so there’s your dual-SIM iPhone. You can utilize Android apps, and they even claim it will support Google Play.It’s a really engaging idea and product, and for an early riser rate tag of $95, it nearly sounds too good to be real. Eye had the ability to rapidly beat its objective of $95,000, and with over a month left to gather funds they ought to have the ability to money all their development requirements and have some space left over for unpredicted challenges.Speaking which, we’re just going to start throwing this disclaimer out there for any crowdfunding things: understand that there’s a possibility you either will not get your product or your refund. To be sincere, these guys are unproven, and their early prototypes look pretty amateurish. The software seems sluggish early on, to boot, and that’s certainly something we had actually need to see dealt with before we get excited.With money and the right team, those concerns need to certainly be straightened out by the time their

August 2017 timeline approaches, but that remains to be seen.< a href= https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/boboseye/eye-take-your-phone-to-the-next-level > Head here for more details and to pledge your dollars if you desire to take that leap of faith. PS: The item demo ingrained above includes the coolest( and cringiest)granny you’ll ever see. Remember to see it. Auto-load remarks: Off On

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