Bitcoin Just Hit an All-Time High, But New Rival Ethereum Is Rapidly Outpacing It

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While the world marvels at the relatively unstoppable growth of digital cryptocurrency world’s second biggest cryptocurrency in terms of market value– has in fact outshined Bitcoin in growth in 2017, this week reaching an extraordinary go onbubbling up for a very long time still.”It’s possibly not likely those concerns will be enough to stop Ethereum’s recent swelling at any time soon however, as the undying development of Bitcoin simply goes to show that the world is mad for cryptocurrencies.Clearly there’s a horrible great deal of volatility in these markets, so regardless of predictions that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin< a href= > might rise as high as US$ 1 million in 5– Ten Years, the fact is, no one can

truly inform for sure which method this is all going to shake out.”It feels like 1999 right now,”managing partner of Blockchain Capital, Brock Pierce, told CNBC. “We may wind up having a comparable

result. We might see a huge correction here.”


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