Elderly couple found murdered in Bedok Reservoir flat

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SINGAPORE: A 79-year-old male and a 78-year-old lady were found dead in a Bedok Reservoir flat on Wednesday (Jun 21). The case has actually been categorized as murder.In a media release, police said they were notified to the incident at about 3.40 pm. The man and woman were found motionless when police arrived at the flat at Block 717 Bedok Reservoir Road.< source data-srcset ="/ image/8966260/16x9

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calc (100vw-30px)” > Squad cars found at Bedok Reservoir Roadway on Wednesday (Jun 21). Channel NewsAsia understands that the 2 victims were couple. Both of them were pronounced dead by paramedics at the scene at about 4pm, police said.Police and forensics investigators were seen getting in a corner unit on the 2nd flooring. About 5 to six individuals, thought to be member of the family of the victims, were identified at the stairwell leading up to the flat.

All entryways to the second flooring of the block were cordoned off when Channel NewsAsia visited and a number of police cars were on the scene.Investigations are ongoing.Authorities urge anybody with leads to call the authorities hotline at 1800-255-0000, or to submit the details online. All details will be kept strictly confidential, police included.


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