Lee Hsien Yang accuses Ho Ching of accessing Lee Kuan Yew’s papers while he was ‘gravely ill’

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SINGAPORE: Mr Lee Hsien Yang has accused Mdm Ho Ching, the wife of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, of accessing a few of Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s documents while he was “seriously ill” in health center a month prior to he died.According to Mr Lee in a Facebook post on Thursday (Jun 22), the documents consisted of a letter and a telegram dating back to the 1950s. There was also a memo from the director of posts dated Feb 11, 1952, which informed postal workers that the British federal government had no objection to Mr Lee Kuan Yew representing them in their disagreement.

“LKY was admitted gravely ill into the ICU on Feb 5, 2015. The next day, Ho Ching helped herself to a variety of LKY’s documents. These she handed to the NHB (seemingly on loan) under the auspices of the Prime Minister’s Office,” Mr Lee wrote.

“She had no business doing this when LKY remained in ICU and it is deeply troubling that someone can represent the PMO despite holding no main position,” he added.

< source data-srcset ="/ image/8266878/16x9/ 320/180/d215795b1b130a60d0d52d802579e0ee/ Bu/lee-kuan-yew -memo-- 1769776.png 320w,/ image/8266878/16x9/ 360/203/d215795b1b130a60d0d52d802579e0ee/ oS/lee-kuan-yew-memo-- 1769776.png 360w,/ image/8266878/16x9/ 450/253/d215795b1b130a60d0d52d802579e0ee/ jr/lee-kuan-yew-memo-- 1769776.png 450w,/ image/8266878/16x9/ 550/309/d215795b1b130a60d0d52d802579e0ee/ fO/lee-kuan-yew -memo-- 1769776.png 550w,/ image/8266878/16x9/ 670/377/d215795b1b130a60d0d52d802579e0ee/ xe/lee-kuan-yew-memo-- 1769776.png 670w,/ image/8266878/16x9/ 768/432/d215795b1b130a60d0d52d802579e0ee/ HW/lee-kuan-yew-memo-- 1769776.png 768w,/ image/8266878/16x9/ 991/557/d215795b1b130a60d0d52d802579e0ee/ zc/lee-kuan-yew- memo-- 1769776.png 991w" sizes ="( min-width: 992px)670px, (min-width: 768px )calc (100vw-50px), calc (100vw- 30px )" > A memo from the director of posts to the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew. (Photo:

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s Facebook page.) Mr Lee, his sister Dr Lee Wei Ling and PM Lee have been secured a dispute over your home of their late daddy at 38 Oxley Road, with PM Lee’s two siblings providing a declaration on Jun 14 accusing their brother of abusing his position in Federal government to handle the matter.

PM Lee has actually denied the accusations and said he will refute the charges in a ministerial statement when Parliament rests on Jul 3.


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