Mama June Was Hospitalized for Pain After Weight-Loss Surgery

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The season finale of WeTV’s “Mom June: From Not to Hot” was practically exactly what you ‘d anticipate from the truth show narrating the weight-loss journey of Mom June Shannon of”Here Comes Honey Boo “fame. Shannon comes to the wedding event of her ex-husband, Sugar Bear, and flaunts her new size-4 body prior to having a revelation that she was changing her lifestyle for all the wrong reasons:”Now, I understand what my self worth is, and I understand I should not be [dropping weight] for a guy. I need to do it for me,” she states while burning her old clothing and ridding her life of the “old June.”

What we didn’t anticipate from the “From Hot to Not” season finale? Some major medical difficulty for the freshly slim Shannon.In the final

couple of minutes of the episode, Shannon is shown folded on a bed and calling out to her children, People reports. Upon their arrival, Shannon describes to Lauryn “Pumpkin”Shannon, 17, and Alana”Honey Boo “Thompson, 11, that she remains in” agonizing” pain which her medical professional said she may have to make a journey to the emergency clinic for a FELINE scan. The household bodyguard calls 911, and the final episode of the program closes as sirens shriek in the background.So, what on Earth has

taken place to Mother June?! Thankfully, a”unique episode “set to air this Friday, April 14, guarantees to offer us a response: In a teaser for the benefit show, Shannon is shown waiting for the results of her scan from a medical facility bed. A physician appears and ominously tells her: “June, we have your test results, however they’re not what we believed.”

The episode teaser is a little puzzling, however medical literature tells us that if Shannon’s pain actually is the outcome of her gastric sleeve surgical treatment, there are a couple of significant issues she might be experiencing. The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center reports that stomach sleeve patients may battle with blood clots or something called a “essential line leak,” which takes place when bowel or stomach fluid begins dripping along the seam where cosmetic surgeons closed up the incisions throughout the initial gastric sleeve surgery. According to the New York Bariatric Group, the fluid is filled with germs that can cause infection if set loose in the abdomen– so even though staple line leakages are rare, they’re extremely serious.For now, it’s difficult to say for sure what occurred to Shannon during the final episode of the season(and whether her stomach pain is connected to her weight-loss surgical treatment at all ), however something’s for sure: Many individuals will be anxiously awaiting this Friday’s “unique episode”to discover.

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