Return of Singapore teen who made waves in powerlifting delayed due to ‘visa mix-ups’

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SINGAPORE: The Republic Polytechnic trainee who made waves in the powerlifting arena after setting a brand-new squat world record in the under-66kg sub-junior category over the weekend is presently laid over in Minsk, Belarus, due to “some visa mix-ups”.

Matthew Yap, together with his bro and coach Marcus Yap, missed their flight back to Singapore as a result and had to rebook their flights, according to Powerlifting Singapore’s Facebook post at 1.02 am on Thursday.It also established

a crowdfunding project to raise the funds required for the two siblings to get the air tickets required to fly house. In the post on GIVE.Asia, Daphne Bathroom, the media officer for Powerlifting Singapore, stated Matthew and Marcus were informed they did not need to use for visas on arrival however officials there demanded they pay a US$ 600 fine when they aimed to leave the nation.

Both of them flew into Belarus for the World Classic Powerlifting Championships.

“They were apprehended, questioned and it was an extremely traumatic experience,” inning accordance with the post on the crowdfunding platform, which added that the authorities waived the fine after realising the Yap siblings “had no loan” and “asked them to get their own air tickets home”.

When they contacted their airline company, Lufthansa, they discovered out that it would cost EUR949 (S$ 1,470) each to do so. “Having actually worked 10-hour shifts at a Korean eatery and conserving their allowances just to be able to make this journey to Belarus to complete, there was no other way they could afford this. They had already invested S$ 5,500 for this opportunity to win the world record,” according to the post.This quantity was

eventually lowered to EUR603 for both of them to rebook their flights to Frankfurt, Germany, then back to Singapore, the GIVE.Asia post included. When Channel NewsAsia checked out the page, it revealed that the project had actually raised S$ 2,325. Powerlifting Singapore said in an upgrade at 2.10 am that the fundraising goal was reached and it will provide more information quickly. Sport A crowdfunding project was released

to help raise funds for Matthew and Marcus Yap so they can rebook their flights home, inning accordance with Powerlifting Singapore.< source data-srcset="/ image/8959006/16x9/ 320/180/97e129aa45fed82d3c16f76e7fba4dd1/ Uk/matthew-yap-powerlifting -1. jpg 320w,/ image/8959006/16x9/ 360/203/97e129aa45fed82d3c16f76e7fba4dd1/ HI/matthew-yap-powerlifting -1. jpg 360w,/ image/8959006/16x9/ 450/253/97e129aa45fed82d3c16f76e7fba4dd1/ tF/matthew-yap-powerlifting -1. jpg 450w,/ image/8959006/16x9/ 550/309/97e129aa45fed82d3c16f76e7fba4dd1/ Dg/matthew-yap-powerlifting -1. jpg 550w,/ image/8959006/16x9/ 670/377/97e129aa45fed82d3c16f76e7fba4dd1/ bY/matthew-yap-powerlifting -1. jpg 670w,/ image/8959006/16x9/ 768/432/97e129aa45fed82d3c16f76e7fba4dd1/ lQ/matthew-yap-powerlifting -1. jpg 768w,/ image/8959006/16x9/ 991/557/97e129aa45fed82d3c16f76e7fba4dd1/ oq/matthew-yap-powerlifting -1. jpg 991w"sizes="(min-width: 992px)670px, 100vw"> Singaporean teen powerlifter Matthew Yap.(Image: YouTube screengrab)


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