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‘Ghosts of Shepherdstown’ Returns For Another Chilling Season On Destination America

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The popular series will be returning for another intriguing season of paranormal secrets with paranormal investigators and hosts Nick Groff, Bill Hartley, and Elizabeth Saint. According to The Wrap, Season 2 will get where the very first season left off. Fans understand that Groff and his group performed a ceremony on the Potomac River in order to clean the town of exactly what they believed was a “Witches Curse.”

The ritual seemed to have actually worked for Shepherdstown, however it wasn’t long prior to Shepherdstown Authorities Chief Mike King began hearing from surrounding cops jurisdictions that perhaps the paranormal activity had actually infected their towns, which recommends that Shepherdstown is just one piece to exactly what is referred to as “a much larger paranormal puzzle.”

“As a network that browses for responses to the unidentified, Location America is prepared to deliver another awe-inspiring season of Ghosts of Shepherdstown. Our audience has told us they wish to know more about the inexplicable and we are going to deliver,” stated Jane Latman, general supervisor of the network. “It’s uncommon for the story in a paranormal docuseries to unfold serially as it does in this show, but Shepherdstown is an unique haunted location with roots that reach far beyond what we thought was possible.”

Now Groff, Hartley, and Saint will be returning in an effort to stop the paranormal activity by fixing the spreading mystery as soon as for all. For those not familiar with Ghosts of Shepherdstown, the program is recorded documentary style, and includes interviews with those who claim to have uncommon and unusual phenomena occurring in their houses or business. There are often remarkable recreations of reported occasions, and the show highlights the investigations conducted by police, Nick Groff, and the rest of the group.

“Naturally nobody calls the authorities department and says, ‘There’s a ghost in my house.’ Individuals do call and state they can hear someone walking around, and believe someone burglarized their house, but they turn the lights on and no one is there,” Shepherdstown Police Chief Mike King told The Journal from Martinsburg, West Virginia. “I’m a skeptic; I have actually never ever seen (a ghost) but something is making the noises.”

On this season of Ghosts of Shepherdstown, the team believes that the regional rivers that run through Shepherdstown may be directing and spreading supernatural forces in some way. They theorize that this phenomena is awakening spirits in the areas the whole time the riverbank. During their investigations they start to discover spirits connected to the Civil War, a raid on Harpers Ferryboat, and a family that suffered a disaster. After employing the aid of psychic medium Lorie Johnson, they try to remove a haunting that is happening at the John Brown Wax Museum in Harpers Ferryboat, West Virginia.They hope this will begin them on the path towards stopping the more prevalent supernatural forces that appear to have actually masked the location. The group will visit other towns as well including Charles Town, Martinsburg, and Sharpsburg in West Virginia. Their quest to resolve what may be one of the most significant paranormal mysteries ever will ultimately lead them back to where all of it began in Ghosts of Shepherdstown. Are you a fan of the program? Leave your comments, ideas, and opinions below.

Season 2 of the Ghosts of Shepherdstown will premiere on Monday, July 10 at 11 p.m. ET on the Destination America Channel. [Included Image by Destination America Channel]

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