Best Healthy Food In Portland, Oregon

Pie Women’s Health teamed up with Yelp to reveal the healthiest, happiest, outdoors-iest, Zen-iest towns in the U.S.– and they’re not the big deals you ‘d expect. If you live in one, congrats. If not, we’ve just handed you some awesome trip concepts. With 350 miles of bikeways, 6,500 public bike racks, and 7 percent of commuters riding two wheels to work(the highest of any big U.S. city), Portlanders are as hot for their bikes as they are for their craft burger-and-beer scene. Residents call the balance of the 2 “pay to play.” And a growing number of food lover hot spots are serving natural fare to keep people from thwarting their wellthy objectives. Follow this 9.25-mile bike trip for a screengrab of Portland’s yummiest grub.BREAKFAST Photograph thanks to Harlow The menu is loaded with veggie scrambles and breakfast bowls, minus any dairy, gluten, fine-tuned sugar, or preservatives.SNACK Picture courtesy of Kure Sip smoothies with energizing add-ons like maca and green algae. Attempt the Bonus Mile, with almond butter,coconut water, and local honey.Find out how to make your shake much more filling: LUNCH Picture courtesy of John Valls