Oscars: Academy Keeps PwC, Takes New Steps to Avoid Another Fiasco

Academy Particulars New Steps to Prevent Another Oscars Fiasco


Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP March 29, 2017 |

. 12:45 PM PT Instead, the Academy and PwC outlined a detailed set of protocols meant to prevent a comparable error in the future. In the past, 2 PwC accountants have been entirely responsible for arranging the votes and giving out the envelopes.Beginning next year, PwC will station a 3rd accounting professional in the control room. That accountant will understand the winners ahead of time, and will be able to signal the program\’s director in case of an error.Starting next year, the Academy will ban electronic gadgets backstage

. PwC will also restore Rick Rosas, who was one of the 2 accounting professionals in charge of balloting from 2002 through 2014. The Academy likewise stated it would improve the identification of the categories on the awards envelopes.PwC has actually managed Oscar balloting for 83 years, in addition to doing the Academy\’s taxes and audits.Filed Under: Post A Remark 6 Playback: James Mangold on a Hard-R\’

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