AAA reports seasonal patterns at the gas pump taking hold

WASHINGTON, Nov. 15 (UPI)– Seasonal trends are lastly catching up with U.S. commuters who are beginning to see a stable decrease in fuel prices, motor club AAA stated in a market report.The motor club reports a national typical list price for a gallon of unleaded fuel at$2.16, a slight decline from Monday and about 2 percent less than one week earlier. Inning accordance with AAA, the rate at the pump has dropped for 11 straight days. “Historically, fuel need has the tendency to decline during the month of November, and with the autumn refinery maintenance season nearing completion, pump prices are expected to move lower to liquidate the year, barring any unanticipated failures or supply disturbances, “AAA stated in a weekly retail market report.Refineries in September start switching to a winter season mix of gas, which

because of fewer processes had to protect the environment during cooler months is cheaper to make. That switch usually benefits consumers, but a series of problems with pipelines and refineries, combined with two cyclones, has actually kept the seasonal decrease in costs at bay.AAA stated the majority of the concerns with refineries have actually been solved and, now that the Colonial pipeline in the U.S. southeast was back in service, many areas were seeing rates at the pump move lower.The Great Lakes states, which are collectively the most unpredictable market in the nation, published the largest weekly declines in fuel costs over the previous week, with Indiana prices moving lower by 14 cents per gallon. Regardless of sticking around refinery problems in the area, Ohio and Indiana hold the distinction of having a few of the most affordable gasoline prices in the country.States near the East Coast now hold the honor of having a few of the greatest retail gas rates, with Pennsylvania and New york city moving into the Leading 10. Refinery issues there are getting dealt with, nevertheless, and the Colonial pipeline, the largest in the region, is back in service.”Pump costs in the regions ought to continue to drop heading into the holiday,”AAA reported.The drop in retail gasoline costs also shows dynamics for unrefined oil, with the rate for

the worldwide benchmark Brent dipping below the$45 per barrel mark in current trading. List prices for gasoline might begin to show volatility in unrefined oil, however, as investors look for any signs that members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries can< a href = target=_ blank > cut an offer on production levels by the end of the month.OPEC members are thinking about a cap on production to press markets back into balance.” International petroleum supply continues to surpass need

, which in the meantime is keeping a ceiling on costs, “AAA stated.