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Monsoon special: 5 foods to consume with caremonsoon foods

Talk of monsoons and you can just consider hot chai with pakoras. We all understand how unhealthy this is. Dr Purwa Duggal, Head of Nutrition, Fortis Healthcare facility, Mulund lists a few foods that ought to be eaten with severe caution in the rainy season.

  • cut fruits

    < img width=641 height= 347 src = alt= "cut fruits"> Pre-cut fruits: Eating fresh fruits is constantly much better since it leaves no space for contamination. Packaged or pre-cut fruits, particularly during monsoons, bring health threats. Cut the fruits in the house and after that consume. Seafood: Seafood such as prawns, fish, crabs and lobster is normally prevented as monsoon is the reproducing season. However, if you are a hardcore non-vegetarian and desire to consume, then make sure that it is fresh. < img width =641 height=347 src= alt= "aerated drinks" > Aerated drinks: Soft drinks do no excellent to the health. Rather, they deplete the body minerals and damage the digestion system and can offer you a cold if you have it iced. You can enjoy hot chai or soups and up your fluid consumption. Water-rich fruits: It is smart to avoid fruits loaded with high water material like watermelon, muskmelon,

    and so on due to the fact that of bacterial contamination. Instead,

    go with dry fruits and nuts like walnuts, almonds and figs. Image Source: Shutterstock Diet Disclaimer: does not ensure any particular outcomes as an outcome of the treatments pointed out here and the outcomes may vary from person to person. The subjects in these pages including text, graphics, videos and other material contained on this site are for educational functions only and not to be replacemented for professional medical suggestions.