Monetizing Networks: Blockchain-based DAMAGE Wireless Syncs with Aquto Throughout ICO – Crowdfund Expert

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DENT Wireless, a Hong Kong-based blockchain mobile data exchange, and Aquto, a sponsored information and data benefits platform, has actually gotten in into a collaboration to unlock brand-new methods for operators to monetize their networks. Mobile phone penetration throughout the world is high, but mobile web data is still a luxury for a lot of customers.

“DENT’s use of cryptocurrency to sponsor users ‘information strategies is really distinct and might accelerate our common mission to democratize mobile web data and make it more accessible for all,” discussed Aquto CEO and Creator Susie Kim Riley.”Connecting through Aquto’s platform unlocks a few of the world’s leading carriers and will enable their customers to get to more mobile information, possibly the most vital and fungible commodity today.”

Through this partnership, Aquto’s Tier-1 mobile operators partners will be able to exchange DAMAGE tokens for mobile data. DENTs are designed to be the global currency for mobile information, hence likewise allow trading and contributing of mobile information through the DENT market. Both, iOS and Android gadgets will be allowed. DENT’s Ethereum blockchain powered Exchange, anybody can purchase, sell or donate mobile data using Damages as global currency for mobile information. DENT Wireless successfully launched their token crowdsale on July 12, 2017 and offered over 10 Billion DENT Tokens within the first weeks on the market. The crowd sale ends on July 26.

“This is also a huge leap for providers to be part of the new development chance through new customer acquisition and higher data usage per consumer, effectively optimizing network usage,” indicated DAMAGE Wireless CEO and Creator Tero Katajainen. “The connectivity used by Aquto’s platform is an ideal match for the DENT market and the beginning of a world broad mobile data liberation. We appreciate the considerable investments Aquto has made to integrate with leading carriers, and signed this letter of intent in anticipation of considerably accelerating the adoption of DENTs in the mobile area.”

Established in Boston in 2012, Aquto touts tier one operator implementations in the United States, Europe and Asia, including integration with AT&T, America Movil, Telefonica, and Verizon. Secret past financiers consist of Iris Capital, STC Ventures, Matrix Partners and Northbridge Venture Partners.

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