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The Top 10 Viral Videos Of 2016

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2016 was a year that many more than happy to see concerning an end. From celeb deaths to authorities shootings to cast addresses Mike Pence

After the unexpected outcome of the hard-fought and seemingly endless presidential election which led to a Trump triumph via the Electoral College if not the popular vote, his new VP, Mike Pence, chose to go see Hamilton, the Broadway feeling. Provided his politics, the option was a surprise. Though it informs the story of founding daddy Alexander Hamilton, it uses hip-hop and one of the most diverse casts on Broadway to do so.Hamilton actor Brandon Victor Dixon dealt with Pence from the stage after the show. Pence was leaving but might have heard his remarks from the lobby, and certainly heard everything about them later on. Dixon asked Pence to think about the making the presidency more inclusive than the project. Dixon’s unscripted speech was satisfied with criticism, most especially from Trump, who said he needs to say sorry. Pence, however, said no apology was required. Provided Trump’s own remarks about Blacks, Mexicans and females throughout the election cycle, it’s unexpected he’s so thin-skinned. View the clip listed below:9. Mean Tweets President Obama Edition Of all the

functions on The Jimmy Kimmel Program, “Mean Tweets”stays amongst its most popular. It ‘s often hilarious to seejust how seriously some stars take themselves or whether they have a sense of humor about their harshest critics. President Obama has been included two times Suede decided to take just the’Beans

, Sremmund song”Black Beatles,”the difficulty had everybody and we do indicate EVERYBODY holding still in some pretty imaginative positions. Michelle Obama did it. Hillary Clinton did it

. Black Lives Matter activists did it. Sports teams did it. It was done undersea. Rae Sremmund did it at a performance. Even Paul McCartney did it! Unlike the water container obstacle, it raised no loan, and assisted no cause. It was simply fun.Like on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. [ ione_media_gallery id= “529472”overlay=”real”]

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