Houses for Lease in New York City Property Listings Lie About Commute Times

Anyone who has ever looked at houses in New York City understands how hardly ever the units look anything like their StreetEasy listings.

When realtors explain a captivating prewar Park Slope building with “initial information,” they really indicate the fifth-floor walk-up has never ever been upgraded. And the “cozy studio” you were pining after in the West Village is in fact, upon closer inspection, a retrofitted closet.

The most typical thing you’ll check out in a property listing? Whether you’re searching for a common loft (read: storage facility) in Bushwick or a roommate-free pad in Harlem, each place will be “steps” from a train stop and just 15 minutes away from Midtown.

Some apartment or condo databases, such as magnificently remodelled 1-bedroom studio apartment” was actually situated in Washington Heights, it could be a winner. The ad points out a 30-minute commute to Midtown, which– inning accordance with our local source– could hold true if you’re sticking to the West Side. Sadly, a better look programs this home north of Washington Heights, in neighboring Inwood.

“I’ve made it to Times Square in Thirty Minutes on the A, given that it runs reveal (on weekday mornings, the A is generally best), however it’s generally closer to 35. Travelling to Grand Central takes about 45 to 50 minutes door to door.”– Erin A.

“I lived a 2 minute walk from the express 4 and 5 trains, and on a perfectly-timed morning, I could get in Manhattan in 20 minutes. Unless you want to get off at Wall Street, a commute is typically 35-45 minutes. Easy. Particularly with all those ‘train traffic ahead’ announcements. It’s not unusual to being in the station for 5-10 minutes with the train doors wide open.”– Mary L.

“I commute to West Soho, so on a great day my commute is only about Thirty Minutes. Throughout the week, the F is fairly reliable, though recently it has not been running as frequently, causing the trains to be loaded. I’ve been attempting to leave a bit previously to avoid all the pushing, shoving, and/or having to stand under someone’s underarm (I’m 5-feet tall). It takes about 40-45 minutes to obtain to midtown from where I live.”– Jessica H.

“It constantly took longer than anticipated [to commute] They stated it took only 10 minutes to obtain to Midtown. However it’s more like 20 minutes, depending upon where you’re going, and depending upon how soon the train arrives. There are delays– the 7 train is a hectic one and it got busier as Long Island City got more crowded. Still, I believe LIC is a practical place for individuals who operate in midtown.”– Sirma M.

“The J train express is pretty amazing in the morning– I like the aboveground element of the J, and the beautiful views before [entering the city] Some days, it’s super quick. Others, it’s super slow. [In either case], it was 45 minutes more or less for me.”– Jonathan S.

“To Bryant Park, it took about 30 minutes. I took the L to the F, and it was easy … except when the L would sometimes draw.”– Brianna W.

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