John Mayer Misses Katy Perry: Reveals Tearful \’Breakup\’ Album Is About Her

John Mayer\’s ready to calm down … with Katy Perry? Well, the sultry vocalist dropped his new album, \’The Look for Whatever\’ in March 2017, and admitted that it\’s all about his ex! And, John even revealed that he misses Katy, and wish for a family to share his life with!If Katy Perry,

32, readsJohn Mayer\’s most current interview, then we\’re dying to be a fly on the wall, especially since < a href = > she\’s freshly single. John revealed that his most current album,\”The Search For Everything \”– which dropped in March– is a breakup record about Katy. Yup, the songs,\”Moving On and Getting Over \”,\”Never on the Day You Leave, \”and\”Still Feel Like Your Male\” are everything about his ex!An usually quiet John didn\’t holy back when he informed The New york city Times,\”There were times when tears came out of me [ when making the breakup album], and I went,\’O.K., John, this is not about an on-again, off-again relationship. This is something more extensive.\’\”Omg.One track off of the album, entitled,\”Still Feel Like Your Male\”, is an outright song about missing out on Katy. With lyrics like:\”I still keep your hair shampoo in my shower, in case you wish to wash your hair\”and \”Still think I\’m never ever going to find another you, \”John told the NY Times that the\” tabloids\” might find the obvious fact that the track has to do with Katy.\”Who else would I be considering?\”he admitted.\”And by the way, it\’s a testament to the reality that I have actually not dated a lot of people in the last 5, six years. That was my only relationship. So it resembles, offer me this, individuals. \” WOW.John opened about how in the previous six months, while completing his

brand-new album, he\’s had sort of a life change– which he called,\”a chemical care package.\” The vocalist just recently ended up being a novice uncle and he informed the site that he is finally prepared to retire his bad young boy ways and settle. \”That\’s the final frontier, guy,\”he admitted.As a part of his life change, John confessed that he\’s even been living out of a hotel in order

to stay far away from developing another bachelor-like lifestyle for himself. Talk about devotion?! And, speaking of homes; instead of purchasing a solo pad, John stated,\”I desire to state,\’We\’ll take it,\’\” as in he and a loved one. John didn\’t stop there: \”I desire the infant with the protective earphones\” [by the side of the stage], he gushed.\” I\’m right on time for my career, and I\’m running late for my life. \”John, is that you?As you can probably observe, John hasn\’t been a social butterfly since he and Katy split.

He did reveal that he\’s been on a special dating app. The vocalist minimized it though, when he confessed that, \”It\’s simply great deal of chatter … There are really couple of people in fact fulfilling up. \”Hey, when you\’re hung up on a lady like Katy Perry, you\’ve got to resort to something, right?Aside from his huge trip for the new album, John\’s also got his 40th birthday showing up on Oct. 16

.\”I wish there was somebody to throw me the 40th, \”he said, before getting all charming about basically desiring the white-picket fence-style life.We seriously can\’t think exactly what we have actually simply read.But, individuals can alter, and it looks like John is all set for a various life,

and an entire lotta Katy. And, his most current confessions come at a fascinating time viewing as Katy and her partner, Orlando Flower, 40, simply split in the start of March … ironically at the same time John dropped his album.Katy and John first began to spark dating rumors in August of 2012. They were on and off till news that the two had divided, rocked the world in Feb. 2014. However, it looks like somebody didn\’t release the past. This ought to be extremely interesting.HollywoodLifers, do you think Orlando Bloom will have something to say about John\’s honest remarks?