Property owner shoots 725-pound brown bear on his home

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The male states he was afraid the bear might charge at him and decided to shoot.Ryan Scott, a wildlife supervisor at the Alaska Department of Fish & Game, told The Juneau Empire that it’s a”uncommon event” to have brown bears in the area.” For many years we’ve had reports of bear swimming surrounding to the island, even that’s really, really rare,”Scott said.Alaska Wildlife Troopers say the guy was justified in the shooting. Cannon fodder Spokesperson Megan Peters states the defense of life or home law permits people who feel in threat from wildlife to safeguard themselves and utilize deadly force.Officials presume the

bear’s behavior may have been because of breeding season.” Usually speaking, brown bear are pretty shy unless there are some other concerns with food conditioning and things like that, “Scott told The Juneau Empire.” It boils down to how do you evaluate a person’s sensation that they are in impending danger. That can be a hard thing to assess. It can be a truly charged moment.”© 2017 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Scheduled. This product might not be published, broadcast, reworded, or rearranged. The Associated Press added to this report.