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player.Owning rental residential or commercial property can be a satisfying and lucrative experience, but it features some genuine risks.When you think about the pros, first take a look at rates of interest. They're ranging from 3.75 to 4.25%. You can lock in the greatest part of the expense at those low rates for 30 years.Rental property offers a hedge versus inflation

. Your major expenditure-- the mortgage-- may remain flat, however the rent you charge can increase. Home loan interest, insurance coverage and maintenance costs are deductible. Owners can use their seasonal leasings for two weeks without endangering the deductibility. The property's devaluation may lead to a positive money flow from the rental earnings, yet still offer a deductible loss on your taxes.The greatest con to owning rental residential or commercial property is it's not liquid. It can take months to complete a sale even in the hottest market. And if you have to offer fast, you may have to go for less than the home's worth.Other cons include the possibility that tax rates may rise faster than you can increase leas. Insurance premiums may spike in the wake of a natural disaster. Tax codes may change, too, eliminating some or all the benefits of house ownership. And the community can go from tony to horrible when unfavorable elements emerge.Then there's always the possibility you could end up with a headache occupant who's needy, demanding, late paying, and/or destructive. You might find being a landlord isn't really your design, or you might do not have the skills to manage repairs.The bottom line is owning rental property can be compelling, but the returns must surpass those readily available from bonds or blue chip investments to make it worth your while. &