House-party hunting intoxicated claimed to be a police after getting in wrong home

A drunk searching for a home celebration declared to be a police when he locked himself in the toilet of the wrong property.Christopher McGowan(22)appeared at Stirling Constable Court and confessed impersonating a cops officer, theft, acting in a threatening manner and breaching a curfew.McGowan, of William Booth Location, Stirling, was with a buddy on

August 18 when he went to Viewfield Street, Stirling, trying to find a home hosting a party.The pair got in a close but made their way in to the incorrect flat and locked themselves in a toilet. The resident of the flat told them to come out.Fiscal depute, Laura Knox stated:”They then stated they were authorities officers and the implicated pulled a card from his wallet and flashed it.” They were prompted to leave and they left when they were informed that the authorities were going to be called.”Defending, Frazer McCready stated:”He was with another male and there was some suggestion that there was going to be a party and they were searching for the celebration and went into the incorrect flat. He does not strike me as a police officer.”Constable MacDonald put McGowan on a community payback order, that consists of guidance for 18 months, for the breach of

a curfew in September. Constable MacDonald was informed it was not the first time McGowan had been to court this year.On May 20, he was charged with going into the Post Workplace on Cultenhove Roadway and taking 4 cans of Strongbow cider and two cans of the fermented Schnapps consume, Dragon Soop. He confessed the offense and sentenced has been deferred.On August 9 McGowan was charged with acting in a threatening way at a home in Glasgow Roadway when he screamed and banged on windows after entering into an argument with his brother.He also breached a curfew that bought him to stay in your home in between the hours of 8.30 pm and 7am. He confessed the charges and sentenced has been deferred.On August 18, McGowan was accuseded of going to the Fountain Cafe, in Viewfield Street, Stirling, and acting in a threatening way. The court heard how McGowan approached a delivery driver at around 12.30 am and accused him of” eliminating his mother “then made a risk to kill the chauffeur. McGowan admitted the charge and sentence was deferred.On September 9, McGowan was spotted breaching his curfew again when he cycled previous two policemans at 4.35 am on Craigend Roadway, Stirling. He was sentenced to 18 months’ supervision.Regarding the events at the post office and cafe, Mr McCready added: “He was intoxicated when

he took the 6 cans of alcohol. He was exceptionally intoxicated when he accused someone of eliminating his mother. He is drinking to excess and that is getting him into trouble.” Click here for more news and sport from the Stirling location.