Katy Perry and CoverGirl dropped a new collection, and it has lots of bold, sparkly products

— Charm Chatter We enjoy all things CoverGirl– they\’re a positive and inclusive brand name who are everything about assisting you feel like your best self. We aren\’t surprised to hear they\’ve once again worked together on a new limited-edition collection with none besides Katy Perry! She\’s got killer style and her charm video game is always tight, so we love knowing that she produced these incredible items as a reflection of her own taste!The line includes liners, lipsticks, and highlighters in enjoyable, bold shades that look like they\’ll be ideal for spring!We are enjoying the look of that velvety highlighter, aren\’t you?Covergirl provided us a sneak peek

at the lipstick shades over on their Instagram Stories, and we cannot overcome how dynamic they are! CoverGirl/ Instagram [/subheader]Purrty in Pink [

./ subheader] CoverGirl/ Instagram Apricat CoverGirl/ Instagram Blue-tiful Kitty< img src=http://images.hellogiggles.com/uploads/2017/02/13032838/Katy-Cat-4.png alt width=750

height=1334 data-portal-copyright=\”CoverGirl/ Instagram\”data-has-syndication-rights=1 > CoverGirl/ Instagram Red-dy to Pounce CoverGirl/ Instagram Aren\’t they all gorgeous?We love how they\’re all instilled with some subtle shine that will make your lips appear plumper while looking iridescent and fun!Katy\’s whole look last night was intense

and lovely, and understanding that she used her own items just makes it that much cooler. We love any excuse to support females who are committed to lifting each other up in the way that

Katy does. If this indicates we add a few killer lipsticks and some new highlighter to our makeup collections, so be it!Check out the Kat Pearl Collection at< a href= https://www.walgreens.com/search/results.jsp?Ntt=katy+kat+pearl+collection&esearch=new > Walgreens, today!

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