How to Wear 2 Different Color Shoes

Even though all feelings stand, yada yada, a fear of mismatched shoes is extremely illogical. (Numerous far much better fears: bloodthirsty clowns, the world’s individuals stopping working to reserve their differences in the wake of an alien invasion, Kevin Spacey.) For one, no matter how groggy you remain in the morning, you will never ever, ever leave the home in one tennis shoe and one loafer– I can almost guarantee it. You will notice the height difference immediately and make a U-turn. For another, mismatched shoes are a completely respectable pattern that have actually been a very long time coming.

In my memory, Rachel Antonoff’s collaboration with Bass (yes, of Weejuns popularity) was perhaps the first time wearing polka-dot saddle shoes in collaborating colors could be thought about a purposeful, nice-looking choice. To wit, black and white or tones in the exact same family will always fare much better than, say, one tangerine Converse and one in cobalt …

Unless you are a true initial like Helena Bonham Carter, CBE. Keep in mind that you will need to buy or own 2 pairs of the exact same satin pumps for this to work– similar but eventually different shoes will not do, as any subtle difference in the soles will cause an irritating limp.

And for last, Céline Spring 2017’s French art-magnate Queen of Hearts, or the clincher of this persuasive essay. With a fancy-lady draped dress and fancy-lady’s-even-fancier-grandmother accessories, red and white boots look on-purpose as well as decent. You see? There is actually nothing to fear– except Kevin Spacey himself.