Stanton Intermediate school students accept freshly released Google classroom”

STANTON– Innovation is rapidly making its method into the class and the trend is only beginning.

Sixth graders at Stanton Intermediate school are getting their own taste of the future, all thanks to a new program with a familiar name.When Dr. Merl Brandon took control of as superintendent this year, he had one goal in mind– to increase using technology.Today he’s doing just that through what’s called the Google Class.”Everything is going electronic, digital, therefore we want to put our students

in a location to succeed, “stated Kelly Inman. Inman is the campus’ new innovation teacher.For four durations a day, he gets the amazing job to assist students welcome their new Google Class

equipped with Google Chromebooks for each one of them.”This class is where they get the principles to be able to use technology appropriately,”Inman described.

Google Class is a free interactive program for school districts that permits trainees to access their everyday lessons, home work and in– class assignments all in one place. Whatever they carry out in the classroom is instantly saved to their Google Drive, indicating they can bring up their deal with any laptop

or computer system.”I enjoy it quite, I think the best part is you can access all of your stuff anywhere,”said sixth grade trainee Shelby Phillips.” I reveal cows, so that makes it much easier for me to go to shows and me to be able to do deal with the computer system.”As for any possible interruptions, Mr. Inman and Dr. Brandon state that’s not an issue, since they have the ability to keep track of and see student’s screens and social networks accounts

are banned. “Technology is truly about trainee engagement … it’s simply a daily part of life for our students now,”said Dr. Brandon.”If we can take that technology and put that in their hands to

make them more efficient, so that they discover the abilities to be productive, to be effective, and make it work for them for their future, [it’s worth it.]”Dr. Brandon’s objective is to have a one-to-one program initiated by the time these sixth graders become freshman in high school. This would indicate each trainee would get their own Google Chromebook to use not just in the classroom,

however in your home.