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How To Avoid Your Period

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type of birth control you pick. By Laura Stampler

missing duration, that is.Although Shirazian says that numerous insurance companies will cover constant and cyclic OCPs, it’s worth letting your physician understand that you are planning to take your contraception thisway so that the prescription is written properly– you’ll need more packs than normal in a year.Watch males address questions about birth control(spoiler alert– they’re unaware ): Extended Cycle Contraceptives If switching to a brand-new pack of tablets every three weeks appears like too much, you can also talk with your doctor about changing


extended cycle contraceptives

. Pills like Seasonale or Seasonique are available in 90-day packs, and although they don’t entirely eliminate your period, they do minimize your menstruation to four times a year. Lybrel is a prolonged cycle tablet that eliminates your period completely– although the FDA cautions that women might experience unintended breakthrough bleeding.(Get the secret to eliminating stubborn belly bulge from WH readers who’ve done it with Take It All Off! Keep Everything Off!)The IUD If you desire your flow to fade into a remote memory, think about a

hormone IUD like Mirena. Females with this type of IUD might get a lighter period or”might not bleed at all for 5 years, if you’re very fortunate,”Shirazian states. That’s due to the fact that the progesterone produced by the IUD thins the lining of the uterine wall, making it shed substantially less than it would otherwise.The Ring or Spot Skipping your period on these approaches of contraception resembles the month-to-month tablet. After three weeks of wearing

the spot or the ring, you just require

to swap it out for a brand-new one instead of foregoing it for a week. Like with the pill, you may have some advancement bleeding, however all of it simply depends upon your body.Just ensure you discuss your plan to your physician, so you have a brand-new ring or patch ready to go.


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