The best ways to Truth Journal

< img src = alt=\"Fact Journaling\"width = 257 height =375 data-jpibfi-post-url = data-jpibfi-post-title=\”The best ways to Fact Journal\” > Typically people promote the

use of journaling as a way to clear the air. To get all those bad thoughts out of our system so they do not toxin us. Fact journaling is various. You\’re still spilling your thoughts out

, but for the function of examining them and bringing them captive to the truth.It\’s an useful application of 2 Corinthians 10:3 -5: For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war inning accordance with the flesh, for the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh however divinely powerful for the damage of fortresses. We are damaging speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God, and we are taking every idea captive to the obedience of Christ.The finest way

to find out ways to reality journal is to simply jump in and offer it a try. Photo yourself in this scenario: Your home is a mess, you have a million things to do, and the day ahead looks dreary. You must be working on your order of business, however exactly what you actually wish to do is break your boundaries and have a bowl of ice cream. Let\’s attempt reality journaling.Step One: Spill Out Your Thoughts Begin byspilling your ideas out onto the pages of

your journal. This usually takes me less than a minute. I wind up with possibly 6 or 7 sentences.These aren\’t \”Let\’s see, what am I thinking? \”sorts of thoughts.

They\’re gut level ideas. You might even know they\’re untrue as you compose them. Here\’s exactly what I would compose in my journal for the above example: My life is a wreck. I\’ll never ever be able to get anything done. I\’m such a loser

. I can\’t think I put whatever off for so long. I believe I\’ll have some ice cream. That will make me feel better.Can you see exactly what a jumble my thoughts are? I\’m not arranging them first.

I\’m simply spilling them out onto the paper. It took me about 30 seconds.Step Two: Number your thoughts. The next thing you do is number each sentence. This will force you to take a look at each idea, instead of the entire overwhelming circumstance. This isn\’t really natural. Our tendency is to focus on the huge picture.We developed a conclusion– my life is a wreck, for example– and after that we consider all the dumb things we

\’ve ever done that show that our life is a wreck. This just strengthens our conclusion that things actually are bad.Satan loves that. He wants us to think about life and people– and ourselves– in regards to black and white. Either we\’re terrific– or we\’re awful. And naturally he would prefer awful considering that he\’s the condemner of the saints(Discoveries 12:10 ). Paul informs us in 2 Corinthians 10:3 -5 how to battle Satan\’s attacks: take each thought captive. Let\’s do that. Think about each sentence as an idea. If it\’s a long sentence, you might desire

to break it up into a couple of thoughts. We\’ll begin by numbering our sentences:1. My life is a wreck. 2. I\’ll never be able to get anything done. 3. I\’m such a loser. 4. I can\’t think I put whatever off for so long. 5. I think I\’ll have some ice cream. 6. That will make me feel better.Next, we\’ll look at each sentence– one at a time– to see if it holds true or false. If it holds true, we\’ll compose real. If it\’s false– or just half-true– we\’ll rewrite it so it\’s all the way real. Satan is the master of the partial fact so we\’ll typically find ideas that are somewhat real, however not all the way true. Keep your eye out for those thoughts.Step 3: Compose the Reality for Each Lie The next step is one that will take a little practice: compose the fact for each lie. This is difficult for a number of reasons. We do not always acknowledge lies when we see them. And second, it might take some thinking to determine the truth.Sometimes we\’ve beenbelieving lies for so long that it

\’s difficult to acknowledge them. That\’s why it\’s so crucial to look at your sentences one at a time. It\’s simpler to see the lie in one sentence than it is to see a lie in a whole paragraph. So close your mind to the remainder of the paragraph and simply focus on that a person specific sentence.For example,

if I\’m looking at the sentence\”My life is a wreck, \”because of the rest of the paragraph, I would say, \”Yes, my life is a wreck. Take a look at how inefficient I am. \”If I look at that sentence all by itself, I can see the fact,\”My life isn\’t really a wreck at all. In fact, it\’s a pretty excellent life, overall. \”If you have a difficult time understanding if a sentence

is real, picture Jesus standing in front of you. Would he say,\” Barb, your life is a wreck\”? No, He wouldn\’t. He would state,\”Barb, your life is a present. You have a lot of things to be grateful for.\”Then He may explain a few things.Let me show you how I would reality journal the example we simply took a look at. To make it easier to follow, I\’ll record the reality after each sentence. Here goes: Fact: My life is not a wreck. Yes, it\’s not ideal. However it\’s not a wreck either. I have a terrific God, a fantastic family, a terrific ministry, and I reside in a wonderful location. I am blessed.2.

I\’ll never be able to get anything done.Truth: God is changing me, and I can do all things through Him who enhances me. He\’ll assist me get things done when they need to get done. I don\’t need to stress. His grace is enough for me.Truth: I\’m not a loser. I\’m a delightful child of God. His beloved. His bride. His workmanship. He exults over me with love. He loves me as I am. He doesn\’t require me to be ideal in order for Him

to love me. (See Insecurity Bible verses.)4. I can\’t believe I put whatever off for so long.Truth: I have no idea why I cannot believe

it considering that I often put things off for this long! 5. I think I\’ll have some ice cream.Truth: I believe not! That would be crazy. If I eat ice cream this early in the morning, I\’ll be eating all the time. It would be far better to wait and have a bowl this evening.6. That will make me feel better.Truth: For about FIVE MINUTES !!!! I will be much better off if I just GET TO WORK and

begin getting things done. Think how good I would feel! I think I\’ll begin best now.Do you see how reality journaling would make me actually wish to

state no to the ice cream and begin on my order of business? Fact journaling is an useful method to bring our thoughts captive to the fact. I hope you\’ll give it a try!P.S. I have been putting all of

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