Google forced to remove brand-new iPhone function following outrage

Google added a neat brand-new function to Maps on iPhone today– then pulled it in under 24 hours following user outrage.

It was seemingly developed to motivate users to walk more often by showing how many calories they could burn on their path. Numerous feel the function was outrageous and judgmental, and an unfavorable trigger for those who suffer from an eating disorder.Google Maps has some terrific features you will not discover in competing apps. The business is continuously working to make its service even greater. Occasionally that leads to brand-new performance that makes getting from A to B a little easier.Not every function is a terrific idea. On Monday, Google upgraded

Maps for iPhone to add a new feature that shows users the number of calories they could burn by strolling to their destination, as opposed to owning or leaping in a cab.It then made those calorie counts much easier to comprehend by informing you how they equate into desserts. For example, a 4.5-mile walk that burns around 406 calories would be the equivalent of burning off almost four mini cupcakes.But the feature is already dead The function, which just reached a little number of iPhone users, was supposed to be a

test ahead of a broader rollout.

it lasted less than 24 hours. It triggered so much outrage that Google was required to issue a second update that removed it. Anyone else feel like the google maps tiny cupcake feature enhances the concept that all workout must be atonement for the sin of eating

?– Megan Westgate( @sosaysm ) October 16, 2017 Users felt that Google was forcing the feature upon them, as well as shaming them for eating junk food. It”enhances the concept that all workout need to be atonement for the sin

of eating,” stated one on Twitter, while others suggested that the feature could trigger consuming disorders.It didn’t assist that Google made the feature active for everyone who got the update, and didn’t provide the option to disable. Had it been optional, and only enabled for those who specifically asked for it to be enabled, it may

have been a different story.I really cannot wrap my head around how thoughtless and careless this is as an automatic feature!! Particularly with no user-friendly method to pull out– Anne Richard( @anneoclock )

October 14, 2017 Maybe Google will modify its technique and attempt the function again. We wouldn’t be too shocked if this one is ditched altogether.Via: BuzzFeed