# 40: How to Draw in Leads on Instagram

  • Janice Hostager

    Terrific episode, Amy. Chalene got me entirely thinking outside the “Instagram box.”:)

  • Megan Ashley Rand

    Yes I liked this one!! Thanks Amy & & Chalene intouchcrm Excellent post! Iquite enjoyed it. I

    ‘ve written something comparable here (4 Easy Ways to Nurture Leads using Social Media http://in2.so/1o8G4KE)and I believe your list of marketing tool. I absolutely will remember for our next social networks marketing campaign when it concerns Instagram.Kenneth Badgett Amy I have been”preparation “on tuning into your podcast considering that hanging out at NMX in January and I am so thankful I lastly did! That was an excellent episode. I had been tossing around the idea of a specific niche Instagram represent bite-sized material as an option to committing to consistent blogging.

  • . That was the push I needed. The other day

    Instagram.com/ incometips was born:-RRB- Thanks!Ty Wow. This was an incredible episode. fill with crazy/awesome/super content! Thanks Amy & Chalene! http://digitallayne.com/ Scott Boyher This episode has inspired me to look further into Instagram as a marketing platform. Initially, Instagram and Pinterest didn’t seem like a good suitable for promoting my blog site however I am gradually coming around. Great Episode as constantly Amy!Vikram Singh Never ever thought

  • of

    utilizing instagram as a marketing tool and now after this podcast, I am feeling bad that I squandered a lot time not using

  • this platform before and restricted myself to FB and twitter, eventually lost

    lots of ground to my competitors I have a site style and SEO service
    (http://longview-media.com/), where competition is substantial, now without losing any more time, I am going full throttle at instagram.Lorelei Jayne http://www.peachesbeachesandurbanistas.com/ Kristen @ PBUrbanistas Just ended up being a fan of yourpodcast thanks to Pat/SPI! Liked your episode with him, like this first episode of yours I’ve listened to. A lot fantastic content. Thank you! http://salesexperiment.com/ Brett I just paid attention to this podcast, found your remark, clicked your instagram link. You’ve developed up that kind of following in just a few weeks? Exactly what is your main online platform? http://salesexperiment.com/ Brett Is there a basic method to go from profile to profile on Instagram on iOS? I assist manage a couple accounts and find logging out and back very annoying.Kenneth Badgett Hey Brett! Yeah my account has kind of gone viral

  • . A lot of individuals have already been sending out

  • me messages about the effect it has made on them which is quite crazy considering it is

    12 days old(as I am composing this). SO glad I lastly began it. I do not have a platform online that functions as a” home”at the moment because the majority of my attention is invested scaling my

  • physical company(a company

    that assists other companies offer assets). The concept with my Instagram account was to see if my knowledge of the best ways to hustle was something that could eventually help me produce area independence through online

  • sales. I have no plans in place to monetize it yet as I wish to concentrate on over-delivering tremendous value, however the possibilities are limitless:-RRB- http://salesexperiment.com/ Brett That’s amazing! Discuss proof of concept.Lizzy Elwell Trying to find a New Profession? Professional Accreditation in Marketing Research

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    > tas laptop … anyhow thanks for sharing this great articel … you are rock! http://www.mindmaphero.com/ Mind Map Hero Now I am taking a look at Instagram absolutely in a different way. I like the principle of the online publication and offering fast tips. Thanks Amy & Chalene

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  • podcast!AdeliaDVu Instagram is

    an application for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices that licenses clients to impart and move pictures inside the Instagram group or crosswise over informal communities. Getting more devotees is essential to broadening your Instagram area, yet understanding where to begin scholastic can

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