Ways to handle all those weeds

would rather spend our time NOT down on our hands and knees pulling weeds!The two most essential things to learn about getting rid of weeds are: # 1 -Deal with them prior to they go to seed. Those seeds suggest another new crop of weeds. # 2-When removing weeds by hand, remove the roots. If you try to pull the plant from the soil, it typically breaks

off on top and the root stays in the soil. Hand digging assists you get the whole plant out of the ground so the weed does not grow back.Once existing weeds and seeds are gone, avoidance is crucial. Among the most effective methods is to use mulch.

Mulching around plants likewise give the advantage of helping the soil maintain wetness so you need less water. If left in the ground, weeds will be competing with your tomatoes for water– something we want to avoid.One of the most affordable types of mulch is currently in your backyard– yard clippings from your lawn. Occasionally capture the clippings as you trim, then position

them around veggies or other plants to reduce weeds. Bark mulch, rock mulch and weed-free straw also deter weeds and help retain moisture.Squash plants are another weed deterrent due to the fact that their huge leaves shade the ground. Many weeds require sun, however squash plants shade the ground and avoid germination. And, while squash deter

weeds, they supply food you can eat.Grouping plants close together helps crowd out weeds. That’s why a yard that is properly maintained and healthy has less weeds. There’s no location for them to grow.Many weed-control products are also available at regional garden centers. They range from horticultural grade vinegar to the more conventional weed killers. Be sure to check out the product label and follow the guidelines. Some products will kill any plant that’s green– simply puts, both the yard and the dandelions. Other products are called”selective” since the will kill just the dandelions– not the lawn. Know the weeds you have and find out how best to treat them.Finally, prevent using pesticides around edibles. If you weed your veggie garden and use mulch, you won’t have to stress over the weeds. © 2017 KUSA-TV