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Palm Springs, CA –

Drinking while exploring downtown on a pedicab might be allowed Palm Springs, as the Palm Springs City board reviews the problem this fall.The multi-seat bicycle automobiles do not serve alcohol, but the companies that run them wish to begin the BYOB experience. Presently, riders are not allowed to drink while on the pedicabs. “I would not say it has actually injured our service,”says Sunny Cycle co-owner, Jen Banford.” But I would state, it would assist our business.”The Palm Springs City board talked about the issue October 4.”What is the difference between this and someone sitting in the back of a convertible drinking?”said councilmember J.R. Roberts during discussion.The Palm Springs Authorities Department has some concerns. Chief Bryan Reyes informed the council he is worried he does not have the personnel downtown to assist impose any problems that might develop. He says imposing pedicabs will cost the city money in the long run. In addition, authorities desire designated pick-up and drop-off areas and added security cameras.Some regional companies have revealed issues already. According to the council, they informed members they fear loss of profits or fear riders will bring drinks into their bars, threatening their alcohol licenses. Some told the council they fear people would currently be too inebriated once they entered their bars.Traditionally, pedicabs have actually lead clients on”bar crawls”, stopping from service to business for optional mixed drinks and snacks.”Clearly, they’re doing quite well now with these club crawls,

“states Councilmember Geoff Kors. “So, the concern is if we want them to have individuals bring their own liquor on these pedicabs

. “Banford states their main objective is safety. They offer food for their riders throughout the tours and info for everybody on the best ways to get house securely. “Out of two years of experience, we have actually probably needed to have one person Uber home,”states Banford. “We supply our clients a host, in addition to a sober driver, so it’s like a limo, so to speak.”The council is contacting studies from Sacramento, a city that has actually effectively permitted pedicab business to have alcohol on board. During the city council conference October 4, they pointed out remarks from the Sacramento Cops Department. The Sacramento Cops Department states they have actually seen no significant occurrences originate from permitting drinking on board.The council has tabled the procedure and will revisit an updated version of the regulation in early November.