Aldi set to launch brand-new Christmas sandwich range and you will love the price

If you cannot get enough of a Christmas sandwich then the wait for the most recent variety is to be provided, despite it only being October, is almost over.Your lunch

breaks can become a lot more joyful thanks to Aldi being Christmas influenced by Boots and Marks & & Spencer already introducing their Christmas sandwich range.From November 6,

you’ll have the ability to get your hands on Aldi’s Deep Filled Festive Sandwiches that are available in 3 flavours.

Brie, spiced cranberry and chutney

Brie, spiced cranberry and chutney

Hardcore carnivores will be tempted by the meat fest that is the Turkey Banquet with pigs under blankets, crispy bacon, packing and cranberry sauce.But if you’re hoping to see your midsection over the cold weather then this sandwich may not be the very best thing for you.Read More

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