Corvallis Schools see strong future financial investment from levy proposition –|Continuous News|Missoula & Western Montana

CORVALLIS – Corvallis School leaders state a proposed “structure reserve levy” will assist the district purchase a piece of residential or commercial property that’s key to effective operations and growth.On Tuesday

, voters are being asked to approve the five-year bundle enabling the district to purchase 21-acres from Ravalli Electric Cooperative, which is preparing to move to a new head office area.

“We’re busting at the joints when it comes to enrollment right now, and we wish to make sure we can resolve some of the existing concerns with our school district, as well as into the future,” said Corvallis School Superintendent Tim Johnson. “So this is truly a huge opportunity for this community to sound off as to whether or not this is something they wish to purchase.”

The district has been leasing five acres from the co-op for some centers for numerous years. Buying the full 21-acres not just keeps access to the leased land, but offers the district a choice to use a few of the REC buildings for operations and storage, as well as specialized educational space for the Corvallis Primary School, where climbing up enrollment has space at a premium.

And Johnson states keeping all the school facilities together is a smart relocation for the future.

“The properties are adjoining. They are next to each other. Therefore our capability to share devices when it pertains to upkeep, just the area and transportation when it concerns trainees and personnel remaining in one place is just makes it a lot easier for operation,” Johnson said. “It makes it more efficient, more expense effective than having satellite schools throughout the district.”

There’s no bond issue in this proposition. The district would borrow the $1.7 million purchase cost from the state, and after that pay back the loan over 5 years with income from the reserve levy. The levy would cost taxpayers just over $70 per $200,000 of examined assessment.

In addition to absentee tallies, Corvallis voters can cast ballots Tuesday in the High School health club from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m.