Regional financiers require governmental support in Open Online forum come across with Investment Minister Bradly Felix

(PRESS RELEASE)– Calls for regional Investors to be treated more seriously and provided with a “Local Financier Window” were a few of the sentiments coming out of the Chamber of Commerce hosted Open Online forum with Investment Minister Bradly Felix held on Tuesday 24th October at the Financing Administration Center, brought with the compliments of Flow.The Chamber of

Commerce developed Open Forum on Financial investment, brought the Minister with obligation for Financial investment and his Technical Team to have an intimate conversation with Chamber of Commerce members on this most delicate and crucial subject.The President of the Chamber Martin Dorville started the conversation opting for a strong opening declaration calling for Federal government to offer the requisite support to regional financial investment to compliment Foreign Direct Investment.He explained that the local organisation neighborhood is not versus the arrangement of incentives to Financiers, the Chamber thought that incentives and concessions be” performance based” and closed ended.In a most effective contribution which resonated with numerous

present, an investor observed that for a small financier to wait 15 months for an approval, promoted as taking three months, was not acceptable which his business was “scared”to purchase new and additional projects due to that experience.Other companies kept in mind that they had actually never ever been the recipient of rewards,

yet they remained in company and continue to invest greatly in St. Lucia, while a myriad of foreign investors have actually gotten in the marketplace for many years and have actually been recipients of incentives and concessions.Recommendation were made on methods existing companies could be incentivized and supported, consisting of through the

Inland Revenue Department using refunds owed in one location to taxes owed in others as it was nearly impossible to receive tax refunds. Special efforts to quick track DCA approvals for local financiers was another suggestion, in addition to extending tax credits for hiring University Graduates to the hiring of Graduates of SALCC Associated Degree programs.A number of other crucial concerns were raised throughout the Meeting and it ended up being really apparent that more of these types of fora were needed to explore the needs and requirement of regional financiers who were eager to broaden and grow their business in St. Lucia. The Chamber and the Ministry consented to continue their dialogue in pursuit of “Making St. Lucia the place of option to do company.”Members of the Chamber can get the complete report of the Fulfilling by calling the Chamber. For more details please contact the Chamber Secretariat at [e-mail safeguarded] or Tel 452-3165. This post was posted in its totality as received by This media house does not correct any spelling or grammatical mistake within press releases and commentaries. The views expressed therein are not necessarily those of, its sponsors or marketers.