[★ TRENDING] 1 Night 2 Days cast sheds heartbreaking tears in their last goodbyes to Kim Joo Hyuk– Koreaboo

The cast members of KBS’1 Night 2 Days shed tears as they filmed an unique farewell episode to Kim Joo Hyuk.The latest episode was

a homage to their late member, as each cast tape-recorded a bye-bye message that brought the nation to tears.< img src= https://koreaboo.global.ssl.fastly.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/kim-joo-hyuk-funeral-1n2d.jpg alt width=1400 height=999 > The members were left speechless as they tried to muster up

their last bye-byes through tears.Kim Joon Ho sent a letter with his eyes entirely red from crying.” We’re never going to forget.Gootaeng hyung(Kim Joo Hyuk’s nickname on the show ), please rest well in a tranquil place.”Cha Tae Hyun checked out the Myeongdong Cathedral, which was an unique place for Kim Joo Hyuk’s moms and dads.” I truly wanted to show you the location where your moms and dads and you hold special meaning.I make certain you

‘ll have a better view from up there, but I wished to show you it when more.”” Do you remember throughout

our last shooting together, when we visited all of the places that held fond memories of us?I remember mid-way, you mentionedthis place.And I believe you were hoping that a minimum of among us would come check out.”Jung Joon Young couldn’t hold his tears back as he recalled the fond memories theyshared together.” You were constantly somebody we appreciated, and somebody who we treasured the most.I keep in mind when I was taking a break from 1 Night 2 Days in 2015, I called the cast members as soon as I returned to

Korea. Kim Joo Hyuk was fretted that I was having a hard time, so he collected everybody together for me. You came out to see me since you were fretted about me. But I cannot even go to you right now when you’re harming the a lot of. I

‘m so sorry.I want to go to you right now.” Joon young was unable to go to the

funeral service because he was shooting Laws Of The Jungle at the time, so he left an Instagram post devoted to his hyung.”Our hyung, I went to his funeral early yesterday early morning. Our beloved Joo Hyuk, please rest peacefully.I still can’t believe it.But I’ll continue to

reside on believing that you’ll constantly be looking down on us with your signature smile.Thank you, and I like you so much.I have many things I wish to state, but I’ll go

see often to state it to you directly.The tribute likewise

exposed an unique message that Kim Joo Hyuk filmed for their 10th-anniversary. “Hi, it’s KimJoo Hyuk.Congratulations on your 10th anniversary.It’s remarkable to continue a show for over 10 years. I believe it’s genuinely a devoted work. “”I hope our members will continue to work hard to make sure 1 Night 2 Days never ever concerns a close.And I always say this,

however I miss 1 Night 2 Days.

I hope the program will continue to succeed. I’m always cheering for our members!”The tribute episode broke records with a 17.8%viewer ranking, as all Korea tuned

in to bid farewell to the talented star. Kim Joo Hyuk was genuinely liked and treasured

by all of the cast and crew members of 1 Night

2 Days. Updates on Kim Joo Hyuk’s passing