Michael Jackson, David Bowie amongst top-earning dead celebs

For the 5th year running, Michael Jackson has tallied more posthumous incomes than other dead celebrity.In keeping with Halloween, Forbes have released their yearly list of the Leading 13 highest-grossing deceased performers, with MJ topping the listing. Michael’s post-death revenues in the last year reached an extraordinary $75 million, in part to his Cirque du Soleil program in Las Vegas, Thriller musical in London’s West End, and his stake in EMI’s music publishing catalogue.Michael’s estate also recently launched Scream, a horror themed collection including some of Michael’s scarier, more ominous songs. The collection reached Number 9 on the Authorities Albums Chart.The famous entertainer made a much higher$825 million in 2016, down mainly to the sale of his of Sony and ATV’s rewarding music catalogue. MORE:< a href= http://officialcharts.com/artist/16519/michael-jackson/ target=_ blank > Michael Jackson’s complete UK songs and albums chart history revealed Michael’s earning put him on par with the 17th top-grossing alive performer, Bruce Springsteen.Elsewhere on the list, which

likewise features golfer Arnold Palmer and cartoonist Charles Schulz, is Elvis Presley, who made more cash($

35 million )than the exact same period a year prior. Forbes’rundown is based upon pretax earnings from October 15, 2016 through October 15, 2017. Ending up a spot behind Elvis at Number 5 on the list is Bob Marley, with incomes of$23 million, while Tom Petty is the most recently

departed in the Top 13. Associating with a hectic visiting schedule in the last months of his life, Tom’s estate is worth$ 20 million and he is the sixth highest-earning dead celebrity.Finally, Prince ranks 7th ($ 18 million ), John Lennon 9th($ 12 million), and David Bowie 11th on $9.5 million.The Top 13 highest-earning dead stars are

:1. Michael Jackson -$75 million 2. Arnold Palmer -$40 million 3. Charles Schulz-$ 38 million 4

. Elvis Presley-$35 million 5. Bob Marley-23 million 6. Tom Petty – $20 million
7. Prince – $18 million
8. Dr. Suess – $16 million
9. John Lennon – $12 million
10. Albert Einstein -$10 million 11. David Bowie -$9.5 million 12. Elizabeth Taylor-$8 million 13. Bettie Page-$7.5
million Image: Rex/Shutterstock