Shopping tweet of grief activates ‘rise of love’

Rachael Prior hugging her father Lynton Image copyright Rachael Prior In some cases, just a small, simple thing, can activate a minute of sadness and sorrow

. For Rachael Prior, it was a bright red jumper in M&S’s menswear department, whilst out shopping with her hubby and kids in London.

“I captured sight of this cosy red jumper and believed it was the sort of thing my late father would like. I ‘d have picked it for him and I might picture his face in that moment,” Rachael told the BBC.

End of Twitter post by @ORachaelO Her daddy, Lynton, passed away 10 years ago, the sudden feeling of grief was overwhelming.Image copyright Rachael Prior Image caption Rachael’s daddy Lynton was a head instructor at Richmond Primary School in Hinckley, Leicestershire” It felt cathartic to use Twitter however I didn’t think for one minute my harmless tweet would capture on. It’s been strange.” End of Twitter post by @AlisonMoyet

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Briana Chernak, from Chicago, shared her’ I love you’ tattoo which is the last thing her father stated to her and remains in his handwriting, which suggests she carries his love every day.

End of Twitter post by @realslimchicken Others shared their own individual memories, like who thanked everyone for exactly what she explains as a really healing experience for her.Compiled by Sherie Ryder, BBC UGC and Social News group