Monday Motivation: How To Keep Going, From A 102-Year-Old Runner

Ida Keeling’s life story is swarming with motivation. The 102-year-old began operating at age 12 to assist provide for her immigrant family, lived through the Great Anxiety and the civil rights motion, raised four children as a single mother, then set world records as a runner– in her 90s.

motivation from Ida Keeling (Picture courtesy of Zondervan) Keeling is sharing that motivating story in her narrative, Can’t Absolutely Nothing Bring Me Down: Chasing Myself in the Race Against Time, which will be released next February and is available for pre-order this month.

“I was feeling so blue,” Keeling composes of the period after her 2 kids were murdered, less than 3 years apart.

“My mind had actually decreased and it felt like I was moving around in a bowl of thick oatmeal. Not a pleasant feeling, however me and the icky experience were ending up being well familiarized. Too well.”

Keeling credits her daughter Cheryl, herself a runner, with saving her life by pleading with her to run for the first time at the age of 67. Running is “a response to sorrow, stress, obesity, bad health, and bad routines,” Cheryl composes. “It is a survival tool.”

More than 30 years later, Keeling is sharing some motivation from her journey:

Stick it out, even when it hurts

“It was my very first race. I removed and all these individuals was rushin’ past. It seemed like somebody pulled a sheet off me; it was awful,” Keeling writes, “however I said I cannot slow down now. I got to keep going.”

“I started thinking this is too much, then all of an unexpected, I began choosing up a little speed and I thought, gee possibly this benefits me.”

The method you talk to yourself matters

“The weapon sounded, and I was off, putting to pity younger lazy-bones, reason providers, or plain old slackers who may’ve been well accustomed to convincing themselves that they were too over the hill to contend,” Keeling composes.

“That’s the important things about feeding yourself negative information. It always slows you down.”

Surround yourself with the best individuals

“I definitely decline to endure drama,” Keeling composes, including “I just do not have time for people who live only to cause trouble.”

“Simply find the great, kind, supportive people and bring them into your circle. Let the others discover God in their own method and in their own time.”