Edelman Talks Rehabilitation, Super Bowl Catch On Barstool Sports’ ‘Pardon My Take’

BOSTON (CBS)-- Julian Edelman might be out for the season, but the Patriots receiver continues to keep himself hectic. He's promoting his brand-new book Relentless: A Memoir, which he wrote with assistance from NBC Sports Boston's Tom E. Curran, and is still working his way back from a torn ACL suffered throughout the preseason.Edelman opened up about his rehabilitation process and a number of other subjects on Barstool Sports'"Pardon My Take"podcast on Wednesday. As you might expect, the receiver is bummed that his schedule is entirely various from his colleagues."Rehabilitation's a bitch. It sucks,"stated Edelman." You enter, you're feeling decent, you warm up and you beat it up, and then you get stiff once again. It's simply a process. You go in six days a week, you're entering to work it. ... I go to TB12 Center after my rehab with the Patriots and do rehabilitation there. Then you return and it's a different method, and our life sucks [ when you're hurt] since you do not get to be with the fellas, you do not go to conferences as much."

PMT host "Huge Feline" asked a follow-up about how numerous meetings Edelman has the ability to go to during his rehab. He described why meetings are not almost as big a concern as his knee.

"Exactly what's finest for the team is you getting healthy," stated Edelman. "The health of the team is the No. 1 thing. You've got to go in and you're doing four hours of treatment and all these things. You're not going to be able to have time to enter into some of those things.

"It's kind of like class. We have different periods. I'll see them in the corridors, at lunch, recess, things like that."

Julian Edelman (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

He was likewise asked about his now-iconic Super Bowl catch, which Big Cat describes as "overrated due to the fact that it was 2nd down". He confessed that he doesn't even consider it as much as he thinks of a drop that might have been a vital error throughout the Patriots' comeback win over the Falcons.Edelman likewise fielded a concern about a time that he threw some serious shade at former Patriots receiver Wes Welker over his infamous dropped catch in Super Bowl XLVI. He ostensibly verified that it was stated, however minimized it as simply some minor ribbing between the 2. "Everybody has banter.

We all have banters,"said Edelman." Wes resembles an older bro. When you get with a room filled with fellas, you're tossing back some shots ... it's one of those things where you get to jawing and things are stated."

Edelman declined to confirm or reject that he 'd be able to make it back at any point during the NFL Playoffs in January (or possibly February). But he explained that he merely does not wish to "put a schedule" on an injury like a torn ACL, if only to avoid getting people's hopes up or becoming a target for reporters who wonder why he didn't return at a particular time.It sure noises like the Patriots definitely have to wait until next season to get Edelman back, but he at least appears to feel excellent about how his rehab is going.