Style and architecture: 8 must-see Zaha Hadid collaborations


INSPIRATION Fashion and architecture: 8 must-see Zaha Hadid collaborations

The incredible architect Zaha Hadid, who passed away on March 13, 2016, had joined forces with some the most significant names in fashion for many years. Here are eight futuristic fashion cooperations by the Iranian mastermind.

  • Charlotte Olympia x Zaha Hadid-

    2017 In tribute to the designer who passed away on March 31, 2016, Charlotte Olympia, introduced a capsule collection inspired by Hadid‘s signature curves: a set of shoes in addition to Plexiglas minaudières designed in molten glass. On sale from November 21, 2017.

  • Louis Vuitton Icone Bag x Zaha Hadid-
    2006 In 2006, the renowned French label asked Zaha Hadid to reinterpret its renowned LV Bucket Bag.The blend of Louis Vuitton‘s design heritage and the designer’s unique style led to a bag with signature curves. Believed up as a container, the Container Bag is a bag, a pocket and pail at the same time, in an amazing white Louis Vuitton logo-patterned colorway. Its fuchsia center made it a fashion curiosity; both a couture piece and a modern sculpture.

  • Zaha Hadid Adidas Original Super Star Supershell x Pharrell Williams x

    Zaha Hadid -2015 In 2015, Adidas, Pharrell Williams and Zaha Hadid came together to revive the legendary Superstar tennis shoes. The Supershellfunctions graphic patterns motivated the futuristic curves dear to the architect. “I think Zaha Hadid’s styles are just like her buildings,” stated Pharrell Williams, “they augment reality forever.”

  • Fendi Peekaboo Bag x Zaha Hadid-

    2014’Mille foglie‘, a thousand leaves. This is exactly what Zaha Hadid imagined when she was working on the Peekaboobag for Fendi. In 2014, the distinguished architect placed her ultra-graphic world vision into the Italian home’s emblematic piece. Made from black leather, the bag’s distinct pocket was produced using multiple superimposed layers.

  • David Grandorge Melissa x Zaha Hadid – 2008
    The Brazilian label which made plastic couture a green product, signed up with forces with Zaha Hadid for a pill collection in 2008. Think shoes boasting subtle and ultra-modern signature curves that followed the line of the body. Readily available in 8 intense colors, incluuding black, silver and violet, a futuristic component ran through the capsule.

  • United Nude Nova Shoe United Nude x Zaha Hadid– 2013 Chromed, futuristic and hybrid. Straight from the mind of Zaha Hadidand Reem D. Koolhaas, the nephew of the well-known designer, the Nova is a fashion curiosity, both aesthetically and conceptually. Merging metallic vinyl rubber, Italian nappa leather and glass fiber, this model imitates the Iraqi designer’s signature style.

  • United Nude Flames Shoe United Nude x Zaha Hadid

    -2015 For a second cooperation, United Nude,Reem D. Koolhaas‘s elegant shoe label, coordinated with Zaha Hadid to develop Flames, a set of shoes with incandescent curves. Imitating the kind of a flame, the pieces were developed thanks to a 3D print system, fusing fluidity and sharp style.

  • Lacoste x Zaha Hadid – 2009

    Reinterpreted in digital design, Zaha Hadid‘s unisex boots for Lacoste turn into one with the skin. The adjustable, rubber shoes– available in violet, black or blue– was stressed with raised themes and developed as a spiral increasing the leg. “In doing so, a landscape emerges, swelling and radiating as it merges flawlessly with the body,” stated Zaha Hadid at the release of this collection in 2009.

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