AWESOME: Trump fractures down on U.S. business and travel to Cuba– The Right Scoop

Trump is rolling back more of Obama’s ridiculous policies with respect to Cuba:

— Americans will be banned from working with 180 entities connected to the Cuban military, consisting of hotels, stores, marinas, traveler firms, industries as well as two rum makers owned by the federal government. U.S. companies will be disallowed from investing in a sprawling economic development zone in Mariel that Cuba visualizes as essential to its business future.The long-awaited rules will work Thursday. The regulations, meant to cut off money to Cuban leader Raúl Castro’s government and tighten up U.S. take a trip to the communist island, stem from a regulation President Donald Trump signed in Miami in June that detailed his brand-new policy. Trump has distanced himself from former President Barack Obama’s opening to Cuba, criticizing him for getting a “one-sided” offer.

“We have strengthened our Cuba policies to funnel economic activity away from the Cuban military and to motivate the government to approach higher political and financial freedom for the Cuban people,” Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin stated in a statement.Among the modifications

being made: – End ‘people-to-people’visas Among the biggest changes is to

limit”people-to-people” visas that thousands of Americans have used in the last few years to take a trip to Cuba. The U.S. maintains a financial embargo versus Cuba that prohibits travel there entirely for tourism. Congress enables Americans to travel just through certain visa classifications, including spiritual, humanitarian, journalistic, diplomatic and business trips.The Obama administration broadened those classifications, allowing U.S. tourists for the very first time to schedule a flight online to Havana, buy a people-to-people visa at the counter of a U.S. airport then go on their trip.Now, those travelers will need to be accompanied by a U.S.-based tourist guide who need to ensure they are

engaging in authorized activities that assist the Cuban people. – Restrict educational visas The brand-new policies also restrict Americans taking a trip to Cuba on instructional

visas, requiring taking a trip as

part of a larger group overseen by a U.S.-based business. – Bar certain hotels and run factories Approved tourists will also have less locations to frequent in Cuba.

Theadministration released a list of hotels, marinas

, stores and rum factories owned by the Cuban armed force that will now be off-limits to Americans. The list consists of 84 hotels: 27 in the capital Havana, 13 in the popular beach resort of Varadero and others spread around the island.The list even consists of the Hotel Ambos Mundos, a favorite of American author Ernest Hemingway.I’m happy to see Trump continue to undo Obama’s commie-loving policies. But I’ll be even happier when we no longer have an embassy in Cuba.