Concept Cars Through the Years

Lancia Stratos Peter Harholdt Display

Concept Cars Through the Decades

A new book takes a look at positive models from the 1930s on

Lancia StratosPeter Harholdt

The most ingenious vehicle designs hardly ever make it to the car dealerships. A brand-new book, “Fast Forward” (Gestalten, $69), showcases hundreds of concept automobiles from the 1930s through today by well known designers such as Ferrari’s Flavio Manzoni and BMW’s Adrian van Hooydonk. Meant as eccentric and creative prototypes, many of the futuristic vehicles never ever touched the open road, but their mirrors, manages and other parts were in some cases later utilized on more useful cars. “Throughout vehicle history, designers have contested the recognized order and familiar design language with radical creations once again and again,” writes co-editor …