Donald Trump rejects any involvement in encouraging AT&T to sell CNN

President Donald Trump was CNN mess exposes heated fight in between AT&T and Trump

Trump stated he “didn’t make that choice. That was made by a guy who is actually a really appreciated person, a really, really respected individual,” first proposed the offer over a year ago, prior to Trump was even elected, however a mega-merger like that was always going to experience government scrutiny. Technically, the current reports were that the DOJ would either require AT&T to obtain rid of DirecTV or Time Warner would have to divest itself of Turner networks, which include Cartoon Network, TBS, TNT, TruTV, and other brand names together with CNN.

With a president who bashes “fake news” daily, that condition rang some alarm bells.

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“I do feel that you need to have as many news outlets as you can, particularly considering that so many of them are fake,” Trump stated on his trip.”By doing this, a minimum of you can get your word out. However I do think you must have as many news outlets as you can.”

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson rejected reports that he agreed to offer CNN.

And now Trump rejects he had anything to do with it. The fate of the mega-merger– and CNN– is still to be figured out.

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