Newspaper publishers join in video marketing offer

T he publishers of Britain's leading quality papers have signed a landmark offer to produce a one-stop store for video advertising online, in a sign of increasing industry partnership to challenge the supremacy of Facebook and Google.Telegraph Media Group,

Guardian News and Media, and News UK will pool their video marketing slots in The Verified Market to offer a total audience of nearly 40 million distinct users. The sites and apps of The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Times and The Sun will all be part of the very same offering.The venture is

created to bring in advertisers seeking big audiences and to guarantee their brands do not appear together with unsuitable product, as well as guarantee their money is not wasted.A string of brand names consisting of Tesco and Volkswagen stopped promoting on YouTube previously this year after it emerged Google's video service had actually put them together with extremist propaganda. Advertisers have also raised issues over extensive scams in which unethical middlemen generate phony traffic on unknown websites to make it appear that projects have actually been viewed by real people.The Verified Marketplace covers only exactly what is referred to as outstream video stock, advertising typically inserted between paragraphs of articles. Advertisers invested ₤ 363m on the format in the very first half of the year, majority the total online video market, according to market figures. WPP chief executive Sir Martin Sorrell has raised issues over prevalent adveritising scams online A dvertisers normally buy the slots programmatically, where software application automatically finds the finest rates and locations projects with very little human participation. Large scale is considered as an advantage for sellers, as it increases

performance for buyers.T he publishers will each retain control of sales of so-called pre-roll advertising, the more pricey slots that run before editorial videos.The cooperation nonetheless marks a shift for a highly competitive market in which competitors have actually struggled to form

business alliances.The Verified Market is the first fruit of talks that started with the more ambitious goal of developing a single paper marketing sales house throughout several titles. Different versions of the plan were called Project Juno, Task Rio and Task Arena as possible participants dropped out.The Verified Marketplace will be run by Unruly, a digital marketing technology company acquired by News UK two years ago for ₤ 58m. The move was welcome by GroupM, the advertising buying huge owned by WPP.Managing director Robin O'Neill said:"At Group M we have actually long believed in the many favorable benefits related to professionally produced, high quality material

for our customers marketing campaigns. We likewise require the capability to independently confirm delivery and performance of campaigns. The Verified Market location provides both."Group M will continue to promote higher levels of collaboration from publishers in order to bring our clients quality media with the ability to transact at scale."