Riot Fest Adoptable Young Puppy of the Week: Zippy

Zippy A170173 - Neutered, 2-year-old Male - Available for Adoption at Chicago ACC

Zippy upgrade! He has soothed down a bit considering that we initially satisfied him. Zippy is still jumpy in his kennel, which is a little tricking because now when he goes outside, he enjoys to chill with you. He also gladly flaunts his 'sit' for some treats (and takes them carefully, to boot!) and actually enjoys being pet all over. He's still really curious about his environments, however can truly get in touch with his 'person.' Come meet this person today and see his progress!Initial notes: Holy energy, Batman! If you are trying to find a fun-loving, energetic, and wacky pet, Zippy is your man. He's really delighted to obtain from his kennel. He's also really pumped up outside so we went directly into the big play lot. Once off his leash, Zippy will zoom around the lot by doing this which. You can toss a tennis ball or 2 and he'll chase it, however he'll run ideal past it and keep zoomin 'around. He does not appear to care about being pet or any of that things, but he's a champion jogger along with his handler. He likewise loves to wallow the lawn. Zippy is extremely smart and really treat encouraged so I believe with the ideal adopter who can help Zippy with the training he needs, he'll make a great companion.Due to Zippy's energy level, we would not recommend him for a home with little kids. He'll also require a wise and patient adopter who will be willing to work with him on training. We likewise suggest Zippy as the only dog in the home.Have. concerns about Zippy? Do not hesitate to email us at 2741 S Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60608 Adoption hours are Monday-Friday 12pm-6pm. Extra details can be discovered in the links below

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