Projecting USF\’s bowl destination

The Bulls went back to Tampa late Friday evening with none of their dreams in tow. The security damage from their excruciating 49-42 loss to UCF consisted of a conference title shot, Peach Bowl berth and top-20 nationwide ranking.All that stays to bet in the bowl season is pride– and a correct sendoff for the seniors.So where will Quinton Flowers and Co. play their last collegiate game? The possible destinations countless. The American Athletic Conference has 7 primary bowl tie-ins, and 2 secondary bowl tie-ins(Liberty, Self-reliance ). And there\’s no bowl pecking order, per se.In other words, presuming the conference champ plays in a New Year\’s bowl,

the conference runner-up isn\’t really immediately slotted for Bowl A, the third-place group for Bowl B, etc. The AAC works with its schools and TV partners to determine the most attractive bowl matchups for all involved.So where could the Bulls land? Here are our finest guesses: Armed force Bowl(Dec. 28, Annapolis, Md., 1:30 p.m., ESPN)This one has two things that interest the Bulls: It\’s an authentic bowl

trip (with some activities kept in Washington, D.C.), and the
challenger would be from the Power Five(ACC). If we were wagering, we \’d wager the Bulls wind up in this one.Birmingham Bowl(Dec. 23, Birmingham, Ala., midday, ESPN)While we cannot see USF making successive bowl trips to Birmingham, the video game would have one redeeming quality: The opponent would be from the SEC. Probably inadequate to attract the Bulls( or the conference)to produce a sequel.Independence Bowl( Dec. 27, Shreveport, La., 12:30 p.m., ESPN )This one pits an SEC team against an ACC foe, if those particular conferences have a bowl-eligible team to send out to Shreveport. The Self-reliance possibly might

be as low as 10th in the SEC\’s chain of command, and the league has only nine playoff-
and bowl-eligible teams. On the disadvantage, Shreveport isn\’t exactly a coveted bowl location. If you\’re predestined to play a second-rate ACC enemy, would you rather do it in northwest Louisiana or near the nation\’s capital?Bad Boy Mowers Gasparilla Bowl( Dec. 21, St. Petersburg, 8 p.m., ESPN)While this is maybe the least-attractive bowl location for the Bulls, they might be attracted to stay at home for the vacations. Follow our reasoning: If FAU wins the Conference USA title, it

gets to pick its bowl destination. Well, the Owls aren\’t gon na select the Boca Raton Bowl(held at their own stadium), however a cross-state trip to the bay location might be appealing. We understand it would be interesting tv, which would salivate over a Lane Kiffin vs. Charlie Strong matchup (if either is still coaching their respective group at that point). This video game annually has had a hard time to offer tickets, but an FAU-USF match may do good organisation.