New Subaru WRX STI to Deploy Hybrid Innovation?

In an effort to minimize emissions, Subaru is putting everything on the table in regards to its performance-focused WRX STI.Keeping in mind your modest author is straight translating an interview offered to a Dutch website (an activity which needs all his brainpower), it seems there\’s more than a passing opportunity that the next WRX STI will release some sort of hybrid technology in a bid to preserve its efficiency creds.In a declaration first appearing on AutoRAI, David Dello Stritto , who is listed on LinkedIn and other sources as General Supervisor of Sales, Marketing, & PR for Subaru Europe, is priced quote as & stating:\”CO2 emissions are becoming significantly crucial and the present 2.5-liter four-cylinder turbo boxer engine just can not continue to be used in the future. We do not bid farewell to the WRX STI, the automobile comes from Subaru, but there will be a period where we will momentarily not run WRX STI. \”Okay, then. This might mean one of lots of things, not the least which is the Subaru faithful might have to do without their halo car for an undetermined amount of time while the Exploding Galaxy figures out ways to make sufficient power to soothe their fans without hurting any polar bears. With the words\”the 2.5-liter four-cylinder turbo boxer engine simply can not continue to be utilized in the future\”ringing in

one\’s ears, it is more than plausible to imagine a downsized and enhanced gasoline-powered engine powering the front wheels of the next WRX STI, while an electric motor (or two)fills in the blanks at the rear wheels. The existing STI Rexy(I\’m utilizing that term because Corey Lewis loves it a lot)is powered bya 2.5-liter

turbocharged fighter four, helpful for 305 horsepower funnelled through all four wheels. Don\’t forget that Subaru displayed the Viziv Concept at this year \’s Tokyo Vehicle Program, revealing what may be the styling direction for the next WRX.Subaru does not currently have a plug-in hybrid in its lineup but one is rumoured to be slated for production by the 2020 calendar year. It will certainly debut as a mainstream vehicle. If the gearheads in the STI program are permitted to obtain their hands on it and fettle the powertrain, it might prove to be simply the ticket for the next WRX STI. It\’s not as if hybrid powertrains and gonzo levels of performance are mutually unique ideas. [Image: Subaru]