2017 LA Automobile Program– More Electric Cars Than Ever!

Program because you\’re an EV connoisseur but were disappointed in the last few years, fear not. This year program has a great deal of electric cars and autonomous driving, and security is high up on the panel agenda.After test driving the Arcimoto and talking with Bollinger, we headed out to a new Nissan LEAF test drive.The New LEAF Develops Into a Fine EV If you

resemble us, you might feel that the world of EVs is evenly divided in between efficiency automobiles and charming cars.

The Nissan LEAF has been around for a decade and, as terrific as it was, required an upgrade. The # 1 selling EV in history is now a very different automobile than the original LEAF. We would compare the change to the new Volt versus the old one.We make sure you will be impressed with a test drive. The new LEAF is larger, however it does not feel puffed up. You absolutely feel there is more space inside width-wise. The brand-new LEAF is likewise lighter despite that extra size, and the estimated variety of 150 looks easy to achieve.The e-pedal regen( i.e., Nissan\’s more advanced regenerative braking)feels actually great. It is noticable and frank when fully engaged. If feels just like a BMW i3 and will bring the LEAF to a complete stop while packaging back into

the battery as much energy as possible.Another Funky Three-Wheeler– The Ampere 1 In your area made, locally established, this San Fernandino project is a cool three-wheel EV that just weighs 900 lb. The total price will be$9,000, with great deals of colors to choose from.We especially liked it since the driving position is right up our street, low, low to the ground and nearly race-reclined. We\’ll have more on that job soon.Sondors Adds Another Wheel & Signs Up With the Three-Wheel EV Club Do you keep in mind those Sondors electrical bicycles and their fat tires? The company is dealing with a three-wheel enclosed EV (which we first released about in 2016)that looks striking. Very little to say yet about the final

product other than that we aspire to evaluate drive it for you. It looks sleek.Check out our 93-page EV report, based on over 2,000 surveys collected from EV drivers in 49 of 50 US states, 26 European nations, and 9 Canadian provinces.