Just one style designer is fit to be king. That\’s why he\’s the King of Pants

NEW ORLEANS – When\’s the last time somebody stepped up to you simply to examine, well, your pants?The style critic is designer Alvin Valley. WGNO News with a Twist features person Wild Bill Wood bumped into the king in the lobby of a New Orleans hotel.Alvin Valley

remained in New Orleans on his way to his next show which occurred to be a trunk program in New Orleans.If you missed it and wish to see more his line, simply click right here, please. Wild Bill states to Alvin,\”you really are royalty, from the waist down!\”Alvin laughs and agrees.Since he opened his very first boutique 20 years ago, Alvin Valley or

His Majesty has always had an eye for building the perfect set of trousers. Probably due to the fact that Alvin Valley develops his pants around the person\’s back side.Alvin states\”it\’s the cut, the cut of the butt. It\’s all about the way the butt needs to be livened up and lifted. \”From the streets of New york city to the halls of Hollywood, the king has actually discovered a method with the fit that flatters and raises the famous.Here\’s a who\’s who of who\’s using Alvin Valley\’s trousers: Alvin states, \”Kate Winslet was among my finest customers we ever had.\”\”She understands what she likes and it\’s always a collaboration

with her. \”Alvin adds,\”we\’ve dressed Cher and Madonna who simply requested

8 pairs of pants.\”When Madonna placed her order, Alvin was not surprised

, \”everyone in my office was fighting to go and deliver them.\”Wild Bill wonders who else?Alvin states,

\”Beyonce! We have actually dressed Beyonce!\” Wild Costs asks Alvin Valley what takes place when he sees an unfortunately fitting pair of pants?Wild Expense says,\”

are you depressed or do you see chance? \”Alvin says,\”I\’m always trying to find opportunity. That\’s me. It remains in my DNA.\”It\’s deep in his DNA. It\’s in his blue blood.That\’s why his royal highness has the fit

, to be king.