Donald Trump to undergo health examination early 2018

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Donald Trump to undergo physical evaluation early 2018

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Washington: The White House has actually revealed that President Donald Trump will undergo a physical examination early next year while guaranteeing to enable the lead to be released.Trump will be examined by a physician at Walter Reed, a military medical centre, “scheduled for the very first part of the next year”, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said on Thursday.”Those records will be launched by the medical professional following that happening.”Sanders’announcement came a day after

Trump appeared to obtain a dry mouth and slurred his words when speaking at a conference on Wednesday, resulting in concerns about the President’s health, reports Xinhua news firm. “There were a lot of questions on that, honestly pretty ludicrous questions … The president’s throat was dry. Nothing more than that. “Trump’s predecessors normally went through yearly physical assessments with a military doctor and had details of their evaluation results launched to the general public. It is the very first time that the White Home has committed to releasing medical records about Trump’s health. At 71, Trump is the earliest US President at this moment in his tenure. Last year, Trump released a tidy bill of health but some pointed out that the record lacked information and had an over-the-top portrait of the President’s health condition.President Donald Trump, playing the proverbial bull in the international China store, has run the risk of Middle East peace and the security … Public Interest Litigations have now end up being an unpalatable word for the judiciary and the executive with Union Law Minister Ravi … Apologies to pal Karl Marx. In Gujarat,

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