Exteriors Minus Architecture: Subtractive Images Flatten Constructed Environments

[By in In previous models of this series, the photographer focused on day-lit scenes, frequently inhabited by people and jumbled with other contextual cues. In this newest set, calm, quiet and lonesome nights along country roads are the focus rather, all the more eerie as topics.

Darkroom Magic: How a Master Surrealist Shapes Scenes from Real Photos

His photographic manipulations are remarkable, producing unusual effects and optical illusions, all while remaining highly practical and (perhaps most impressively) rather true to the initial …

Doing it Incorrect: Amusing Photo-Edited Urban Improbabilities

It would be completely right and incorrect at the very same time to call this body of work reasonable. On the one hand, the results look like images (which form the basis of these manipulations) – on the …

Top of the World: Photos & & Videos from Atop Tallest Towers

He provided a photo-edited variation (carefully sewn from lots of pictures) to reveal what the view would look like without the building he on top of which he took it. Still, excellent as …

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Facades Minus Architecture: Subtractive Photos Flatten Built Environments