Faith & Kind’s 2017 Religious Architecture Awards Acknowledges the Best in Religious Architecture and Art

© Ieva Saudargaite

How does contemporary spiritual architecture adjust to the requirements of the contemporary world? Each year, Faith & & Form publication and the Interfaith Online forum on Religion, Art and Architecture (IFRAA) award acknowledges the finest in spiritual art and architecture. This year’s winners consisted of 27 projects covering in religious denomination, size, and place. Beyonds this, the award recognizes three typical patterns present in spiritual architecture today: re-adaptation of existing centers, community-based sacred spaces, and simpleness in style. Read on to see all 27 winners.Calcagnini Contemplative Center/ Dynerman Architects(Bluemont, VA, USA)Courtesy of Alan Karchmer Photography RLJ Chapel/

Ricaro Yslas Gamez Arquitectos(San Juan Cosalá, Jalisco)©

Jaime Navarro

Vajrasana Buddhist Retreat Centre/ Walters & & Cohen Architects

(Bury Saint Edmunds, UK)

© Jim Stephenson

(Tenerife, Canarias Island, Spain)

© Efrain Pintos

Garden Chapel Pavilion/ archimania

(Memphis, TN, USA)

Courtesy of archimania

Liberty United Methodist Church/ Dake Wells Architecture

(Liberty, MO, USA)

Courtesy of Architectural Imageworks LLC

New Faith Baptist Church Worship Center/ Harding Partners

(Matteson, IL, U.S.A)

Courtesy of Christopher Barrett Photography

Park Plaza Synagogue/ Epstein-Principal Designer Andrew Metter

(Chicago, IL, U.S.A)

Courtesy of Ballogg Photography

Tegami-Dokoro/ Shoji Oshio + UA architects

(Funabashi, Chiba, Japan)

© Ken’ichi Suzuki

Amir Shakib Arslan Mosque/ L.E.FT Architects

(Moukhtara, Lebanon)

© Ieva Saudargaite

Bellevue First Congregational Church/ atelierjones llc

(Bellevue, WA, USA)

Courtesy of Lara Swimmer

Churchgoers Kehilath Jeshurun Synagogue Chapel/ FXFOWLE

(New York, NY, USA)

© Chris Cooper

Redeemer Presbyteraian/ archimania

(Memphis, TN, USA)

Courtesy of Hank Mardukas Photography

SGI New England Buddhist Center/ Touloukian Inc

(Brookline, MA, U.S.A)

Thanks To Image Anton Grassi Photography

Redemption Arcadia/ DeBartolo Architects

(Pheonix, AZ, USA)

© Bill Timmerman

Westport Presbyterian Church/ BNIM

(Kansas City, MO, U.S.A)

© Michael Robinson

Parish Beit Simchat Torah/ Architecture Research Workplace

(New York City, NY, USA)

© Elizabeth Felicella/Esto

The Sheridan Center Chapel/ Jackson & & Ryan Architects

(Houston, TX, USA)

© Mark Scheyer

Chai Spice Box/ Ellen Hunt

(Chicago, IL, U.S.A)

© Ellen Hunt

Duke University Chapel Woodwork Remediation/ Century Guild

(Durham, NC, USA)

© KC Ramsay

‘Pieta’/ Salvatore LaRosa

© David Mitchell

Eid Prayer Ground/ Allies and Morrison

(Doha, Qatar)

© Gerry O’Leary

Cathedral Campus/ Strada Architecture LLC

(Wheeling, WA, U.S.A)

© Dennis Marsico

Cathedral of Our Woman of the Presumption/ Moto Designshop


Courtesy of Moto Designshop

Funeral Service Home/ Edyta Paula Konstantynowicz

(Biolystok, Poland)

Thanks To Edyta Paula Konstantynowicz

Sacred Area of a Modern Male/ Joanna Wierzbicka

(Warsaw, Poland)

Thanks To Joanna Wierzbicka

The Mhuysqa Offering/ Travis Rate Architects with The Catholic University of America

(Tenjo, Columbia)

© Travis Price